Our 15 most important changes/secrets

Barcelona Chair Premium: reinventing a 100-year-old designer chair

The dimensions

The dimensions have been adjusted to modern-day man, meaning we took into account the ergonomic changes that emerged over the past century. On average, people have grown 15 cm taller and are weighing more than 100 years ago. Hence, the chair is a bit bigger in order to increase comfort.

Steel & RVS

The Barcelona Chair Premium combines regular steel with stainless steel, resulting in a lightweight chair that can easily be moved.

A better suspension

The combination of different types of steel also creates a better suspension that adjusts to a person’s weight.

The perfect seat tilt

The seat tilt is made wider (from 90 to 103 degrees), establishing a more ‘loungy’ comfort, which - ergonomically speaking - creates a more relaxed experience.

Suitable for any surface

As the tilt is wider, the chair is also closer to the floor, creating a harmonic look with the rest of the interior. Felt padded floor protectors are included to make sure you can place the chair on any type of floor without damage - even when moving the chair.

High quality straps

The straps on the back of the chair are made of a special mix of fabrics (nylon, PVC, microfiber), guaranteeing long-lasting quality (and looks) of the seat cushion.

Sturdy assembly

Assembly of the straps is optimised by using blind rivets that make sure the seat cushion will maintain attached to the frame, hence preventing damage.

Moulded foam

All Premium designs are provided with ‘moulded’ foam - a shape-retaining material that is used in both the back as well as the seat cushion. Its advantages are as follows: Steady elasticity; Shape-retaining dimensions; Keeping the leather tight; Preserving and optimising the shapes of the design.

The 'button-down'-effect

All 46 leather patches are uniquely cut, resulting in the iconic ‘button-down’ effect that is so distinctive to the Barcelona Chair.


The needle and thickness of the yarns are refined and the stitching distance is intensified. Consequently, not only does the chair look more refined - it also results in a sustainable design that lasts longer.

Made entirely of leather

The piping of the seat and back cushions are completely made of leather - and not artificial leather. The latter is often the case with Barcelona Chairs sold by other parties. As we only use leather, we are able to prevent difference in discolouring, wear and texture.


The buttons are reduced by a few millimeters and clothed with the same leather as used on the surface of the chair. This enhances the ‘button-down’ effect and also increases comfort.

Completely symmetrical

The buttons on the back of the chair are placed exactly in between the straps. This results in a symmetric and harmonic feel to the chair. After all, “the details are not the details, they make the design”.

It's all about the details

The location and shape of the straps, as well as the assembly of cushions, are carefully curated with the maximisation of comfort in mind.