Pavilion Chair Cowhide Black/Créme

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It is a daring choice: the Pavilion Chair with a lining made of cowskin. However, it is not a choice that you will regret.

This Pavilion Chair is lined with authentic cow leather. No fake or cheap leather is used, but only leather of the highest quality. You can feel this yourself when you touch the soft leather. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the mastermind behind this designer chair, knew what was necessary to create an icon.

Our replica of the Pavilion Chair Cowskin is almost identical to the original. The materials that are used are of such high quality, that the difference between this chair and the, now no longer available, original are barely noticeable.

Less is more, but not for the Pavilion Chair Cowskin

ÕLess is MoreÕ can be found back in almost any model designed by van der Rohe. The chairs were produced with just the bare amount of parts to create the most comfortable chair. Van der Rohe choose to remove the armrests and to hide small parts in the lining.

It is no surprise that the Pavilion Chair Cowskin, with a black and cream colour pattern, stands out more than the original model. This will also be the reason why you choose this designer chair, instead of the more regular black or white version. This designer chair is a perfect match for anyone who is looking for a high-quality replica of this world-famous model. This chair will offer you years of pleasure and comfort, perhaps even better than an original Pavilion Chair.

This variation on the original manages to surprise everyone with its class, mainly due to the high-quality cowskin that is used. No one who walks past it manages it without taking a look.

Affordable quality for everyone

It is our mission to create a Pavilion Chair of the best quality that is affordable for everyone. After visiting 18 factories, we are proud to say that we have the best replica Pavilion Chairs that are available!

Pavilion Chair Cowskin Black & Cream in a nutshell

  • Authentic cow leather
  • Including free floor protectors worth √õ20
  • Stainless steel frame (chrome)
  • Easy to assemble (within one minute!)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns!



  • Excellent price/quality
  • Real cow hide
  • Incl. FREE floor protectors (worth √õ20.00)
  • Full 2-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame



Material frameStainless steel with a steel core
Material cushionsLeather, Backside artificial leather
Material strapsArtificial leather
Thickness of steel12 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)79 x 79 x 85 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) FRAME ONLY 75 x 77 x 74 cm
Back height85 cm
Seat height42 cm
Warranty2 years
Delivery timeOrders before 21:00 are shipped out the same business day
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