Pavilion Chair Créme & Ottoman

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Do you think that white is too bright? You are not the only one. Mies van der Rohe designed this Cream Pavilion Chair specifically for this reason, so that it would fit in better with his interior.

Many years later, Mies van der Rohe confessed that the cream coloured Pavilion Chair was his favourite. It is more in line with his original goal: Less is More.

While the white chair design really stands out, the cream Pavilion Chair fits easier in many interiors. If you want to keep your interior consistent, then cream is the perfect colour to do so.

Express yourself with the Pavilion Chair Replica Cream

For a chair to become an eyecatcher, it does not need to stand out. A chair that is trying too hard will never achieve the legendary status of a Pavilion Chair.

All the critics agree, the Pavilion Chair of Mies van der Rohe is one of the most iconic chair designs ever made. This all is caused due to Mies van der RoheÕs simple, yet brilliant, thought: Less is More.

Van der Rohe applied Less is More in a simple way to the Pavilion Chair: no unnecessary elements can be found. The Pavilion Chair, and our cream replica, do not have an armrest and only a minimalistic frame. By making these daring choices, Mies van der Rohe has been able to create a legend. Everyone agrees: who doesnÕt want to have a Pavilion Chair at home?

The Pavilion Chair is available in two quality grades: the normal and the premium version. Do you want a Pavilion Chair that is truly identical to the original? Then our Premium-series is your best bet. Premium leather, high quality materials and a 5-year warranty. We dare to say that our Premium-series is the best replica model you can find!

Affordable quality for everyone

It is our mission to create a Pavilion Chair of the best quality that is affordable for everyone. After visiting 18 factories, we are proud to say that we have the best replica Pavilion Chairs that are available!

Delivery & maintenance

The cream Pavilion Chair comes packed in 1 big box in which you can find the frame and the cushion. Within 60 seconds you will be able to enjoy your designer chair: the cushions of the Pavilion Chair (cream) are easy to secure on the frame.

Pavilion Chair in a nutshell

  • Iconic design
  • Classical cushions made of leather (cow) with the back side made of artificial leather
  • Stainless steel frame (chrome)
  • Easy to construct and maintain
  • Two-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns!


  • Excellent price/quality
  • Real cow hide
  • Incl. FREE floor protectors (worth √õ20.00)
  • Full 2-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame


Material frameStainless steel with a steel core
Material cushionsLeather, Backside artificial leather
Material strapsArtificial leather
Thickness of steel12 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)79 x 79 x 85 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) FRAME ONLY 75 x 77 x 74 cm
Back height85 cm
Seat height50 cm
Warranty2 years
Delivery timeDelivery within 2-4 weeks
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