Pavilion Chair Ottoman Brown

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The moment you see the Pavilion Chair Brown (Premium) with a cover of Italian aniline leather, you know you will never want any other chair again. Unrivalled quality and the best comfort.

The Brown Pavilion Chair is able to dictate the design of your interior in a subtle way, even if you would place this model in a waiting or meeting room. The comfortable design breaths class. And regardless of the environment, this chair will impress anybody who sees it.

A brown cover made of Italian aniline leather is part of the Pavilion Chair

Besides the fact that Italian aniline leather is one of the finest leathers, it is also the leather that brings this replica the closest to the original. The quality of this leather is outstanding, making it one of the most valuable kinds of leather. Brown Italian aniline leather is the most important part of this chair. And it should be, because there is no better fabric for this design chair than the best aniline leather there is.

You wonÕt get closer to the original

This premium model is the best copy of the Pavilion original that Mies van der Rohe revealed in 1929. It has the same level of quality and finishing as the original. The dimensions are identical, the Italian aniline leather used is of the best quality and the frame is made of professionally polished stainless-steel. In comparison with cheaper models, this model has no visible stitching on the corners, the cushions are similar to those of the original, the chair legs have invisible felt pads and the cushions have a very high air circulation.

The quality of this model is so high, that we give all of our Pavilion Chair Premium models a five-year warranty. Are you still not happy with the chair? No worries! You can return the chair for free. But, to be honest, we already know that you can never say goodbye to a chair as perfect as the Pavilion Premium Chair.


Delivery & maintenance of your new Pavilion Chair (Premium Version)

The black Pavilion Chair comes packed in 1 big box in which you can find the frame and the cushion. Within 60 seconds you will be able to enjoy your design chair: the cushions of the Pavilion Chair (black) are easy to secure on the frame.

Pavilion Chair Premium in a nutshell

  • Dimensions, 1 on 1 with the original
  • Premium Quality
  • Italian Aniline leather
  • Including FREE maintenance set
  • Including FREE floor protectors
  • Full 5-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Free shipping and returns!!


  • Dimensions, 1 on 1 with the original
  • Italian Aniline leather
  • Including FREE floor protectors
  • Including FREE maintenance set
  • Full 5-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame



Material frameStainless steel with a steel core
Material cushionsLeather, Backside artificial leather
Material strapsArtificial leather
Thickness of steel12 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)62 x 57 x 47 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) FRAME ONLY61 x 52 x 36 cm
Seat height47 cm
Warranty2 years
Delivery timeDelivery within 2-4 weeks
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