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The secret behind our Pavilion Chair

Reinventing a 100-year-old designer chair

The Pavilion Chair - a notorious chair that you've probably heard of. Its design can be found in many
designer magazines; prominent architects use it as a key figure in luxurious projects.

It's almost been 100 years since the first Pavilion Chair made its appearance in public. First, it was an exclusive high-end design with a costly production method - a relic only for the wealthy. In the years that followed, the chair was redesigned with more cost-efficient production techniques. Consequently, the chair was made available to a broader audience.

The quest for the ideal method of production however did not solely stem from the need to lower the costs. People have changed a lot over them past century. On average, people have grown 15 centimeters taller.

In addition, our needs for comfort, sustainability and ergonomics have changed the way we want to sit.
With the rich history of the Pavilion Chair in mind, we took upon the challenge to design the
ultimate Pavilion Chair - a chair that's both comfortable and affordable, without compromising on its looks. The result is astonishing!
We proudly present our Pavilion Chair Premium, the best Pavilion Chair ever to be available to the public.

We literally took the design all the way back to the drawing board in order to revive this century-old designer icon. After researching the production techniques of 20 different producers we implemented more than 25 improvements to the design, taking into consideration the core values of the original design: honesty, functionality, elegance and the credo less is more”.

All these improvements have been carried out in alignment with the modern-day standards of Redesign. This way, we were able to preserve the classical elegance of this mid-century masterpiece, without sacrificing the price-performance ratio.

These are the 15 most important changes that we have improved the Pavilion Chair with:

  1. The dimensions have been adjusted to modern-day man, meaning we took into account the ergonomic changes that emerged over the past century. On average, people have grown 15 cm taller and are weighing more than 100 years ago. Hence, the chair is a bit bigger in order to increase comfort.
  2. The Pavilion Chair Premium combines regular steel with stainless steel, resulting in a lightweight chair that can easily be moved.
  3. The combination of different types of steel also creates a better suspension that adjusts to a person's weight.
  4. The seat tilt is made wider (from 90 to 103 degrees), establishing a more ‘loungy' comfort, which - ergonomically speaking - creates a more relaxed experience.
  5. As the tilt is wider, the chair is also closer to the floor, creating a harmonic look with the rest of the interior. Felt padded floor protectors are included to make sure you can place the chair on any type of floor without damage - even when moving the chair.
  6. The straps on the back of the chair are made of a special mix of fabrics (nylon, PVC, microfiber), guaranteeing long-lasting quality (and looks) of the seat cushion.
  7. Assembly of the straps is optimised by using blind rivets that make sure the seat cushion will maintain attached to the frame, hence preventing damage.
  8. All Premium designs are provided with ‘moulded' foam - a shape-retaining material that is used in both the back as well as the seat cushion. Its advantages are as follows:
    • Steady elasticity;
    • Shape-retaining dimensions;
    • Keeping the leather tight;
    • Preserving and optimising the shapes of the design.
  9. All 46 leather patches are uniquely cut, resulting in the iconic ‘button-down' effect that is so distinctive to the Pavilion Chair.
  10. The needle and thickness of the yarns are refined and the stitching distance is intensified. Consequently, not only does the chair look more refined - it also results in a sustainable design that lasts longer.
  11. The piping of the seat and back cushions are completely made of leather - and not artificial leather. The latter is often the case with Pavilion Chairs sold by other parties. As we only use leather, we are able to prevent difference in discolouring, wear and texture.
  12. The buttons are reduced by a few millimeters and clothed with the same leather as used on the surface of the chair. This enhances the ‘button-down' effect and also increases comfort.
  13. The buttons on the back of the chair are placed exactly in between the straps. This results in a symmetric and harmonic feel to the chair. After all, the details are not the details, they make the design”.
  14. The location and shape of the straps, as well as the assembly of cushions, are carefully curated with the maximisation of comfort in mind.
  15. The lower part of the seat cushion is made of a breathable material, in order for the cushion to receive some ‘air'. Consequently, the temperature of the chair does not rise when someone takes a seat, there is no squeaking involved and the chair bounces back to its original shape the moment you get up.

Identical to the original of Mies van der Rohe

This is THE best Pavilion Chair. Materials of the highest quality and the best sitting comfort. We have this black premium model in stock.

The road to create the perfect copy has been long and hard. As the manufacturer, we have researched every 100-year-old component and improved it the best we could. By using exactly the same components, sometimes even components of a higher quality, we have been able to develop a Premium Pavilion Chair that will leave you speechless.

Comfort to fall in love with and design that will blow your mind. The black Pavilion chair has been rotating through Hollywood for almost a century, but this icon has never disappointed us.

Invest in the future

The Pavilion Chair is made of high-quality (and sustainable) materials, so this designer chair will never disappoint you. This type of chair is made to last for years. Whether it is in the office or in the living room: the Pavilion Chair will survive in any kind of interior. Due to the contemporary style, it will adjust to any furniture you place next to it.

You cannot get closer to the original

This black premium model is the best copy of the Pavilion original that Mies van der Rohe revealed in 1929. It has the same level of quality and finishing as the original. The dimensions are identical, the Italian aniline leather used is of the best quality and the frame is made of professionally polished stainless-steel. In comparison with cheaper models, this model has no visible stitching on the corners, the cushions are similar to those of the original, the chair legs have invisible felt pads and the cushions have a very high air circulation.

The quality of this model is so high, that we give all of our Pavilion Chair Premium models a five-year warranty. Are you still not happy with the chair? No worries! You can return the chair for free. But, to be honest, we already know that you can never say goodbye to a chair as perfect as the Pavilion Premium Chair.


Delivery & maintenance of your new Pavilion Chair (Premium Version)

The black Pavilion Chair comes packed in 1 big box in which you can find the frame and the cushion. Within 60 seconds you will be able to enjoy your design chair: the cushions of the Pavilion Chair (black) are easy to secure on the frame.

Pavilion Chair Premium in a nutshell

  • Dimensions, 1 on 1 with the original
  • Premium Quality
  • Italian Aniline leather
  • Including FREE maintenance set
  • Including FREE floor protectors
  • Full 5-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Free shipping and returns!!


  • Dimensions, 1 on 1 with the original
  • Italian Aniline leather
  • Including FREE floor protectors
  • Including FREE maintenance set
  • Full 5-year warranty, lifetime warranty on the frame


Material frameStainless steel with a steel core
Material cushions100 % Aniline leather
Material strapsArtificial leather
Thickness of steel10 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH)77 x 81 x 81 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) FRAME ONLY75 x 79 x 74 cm
Back height81 cm
Seat height41 cm
Warranty5 years
Delivery timeOrders before 21:00 are shipped out the same business day
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